Happy new month. The euphoria of something new always gives me joy and some kind of basic happiness, I don’t know, but it just feels amazing.

Anyways, the year just broke into two (does that even sound right, I don’t know, 😂) , and as much as possible, we need to go on with all of the excitement and tenacity it requires. We need to keep up the pace, it doesn’t matter how slow, what matters is how it ends.

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof…
Ecclesiastes 7:8a KJV

So I know, a lot of things might not have fallen into place and a whole lot of other things might have happened that brought dismay but through it all, we must rise. Through it all, we must stand in Gods victory. Why? You ask, because still on still he is God Almighty, He is God all by Himself.

You see, the first half of the year ended on a very sad note for my country, Nigeria, world cup, bomb blast, fire incident etc, and this threw the country into major panic and outrage but still, we must rise above it all, still we must stand stronger than ever and stronger together.

Also, a lot of unnecessary news and messages have been going around that have been used to build fear and trembling in the hearts of people but I have come with a word of encouragement for someone; in all of these, do not be broken, be not dismayed because we stand in the place of victory.

Though the fig tree does not blossom And there is no fruit on the vines, Though the yield of the olive fails And the fields produce no food, Though the flock is cut off from the fold And there are no cattle in the stalls, Yet I will [choose to] rejoice in the Lord ; I will [choose to] shout in exultation in the [victorious] God of my salvation! The Lord God is my strength [my source of courage, my invincible army]; He has made my feet [steady and sure] like hinds’ feet And makes me walk [forward with spiritual confidence] on my high places [of challenge and responsibility]. For the choir director, on my stringed instruments.
HABAKKUK 3:17‭-‬19 AMP

Here is my expression: Be blessed

The place of victory

Standing still, in absolute shock
Looking all around, hoping it was just some thoughts
Or maybe a very bad dream that we are about to wake up from
Then we realise it was no joke, we come to know it really took place
So we try to question, and we hear a joy cry, I was saved in the midst of it all

Then we start to wonder, cos we cannot begin to fathom, why spare one and not the other, why save one but lose the other?
The answer didn’t come but there was a nudge: In all of these, you are saved. Saved, to live another day.
In all of these, there is a sure hope, a hope that lies within you.

To you, a chance has been given
To you, a chance to make a difference
To you, a chance to do something different
With each passing day, another opportunity
To impact
To show love
To show kindness
To do better
To do something
Just about anything at all, an act of kindness for someone else.

So strife like its the last.
The one and only chance you would ever get and trust in this: that a upper hand will help you out.
Yes, a greater one will see you through

So, Fall on your knees, knock on heavens door.
So you can stand sure on your feet, trully secured
Knowing of a truth, that from His point of view, you are Victorious.
This right here, is your place of victory.

This is a unique piece, I pray it gives you another reason to hope and stand firm on God.
I apologize for been away for so long, this was drafted last week but I couldn’t post it. I’m trying to find a balance and it’s not been all glitz and glamz but we rise 👆. Thank you for remaining my family on this platform, I appreciate your presence and I do not take you for granted.

Till I come your way again, stay afloat, stay hopeful and be kind




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