What is purpose? Purpose is simply the reason for which something exists. I want to believe we have all had a reason at one point or the other to ask ourselves this question, what is my purpose? Or peradventure we ever got to or are still at a point in our lives that we were in search of purpose? We've prayed about it, nursed it, searched for it, asked about it or probably we are waiting for one massive vision that will show us all that we need to do with regards to what we are here for and how!...



Our society has made it easier being fake than being real. What does it mean to be real and why is it so important? During the course of the week, I was trying to figure out my write up for the blog and as I was meditating, this crossed my mind: A lot of us... Continue Reading →


Let love lead Always and in everything Let love lead Through the darkness and when the light shines Let love lead Through the pain and the succor Let love lead Through the anger and the great work of forgiveness Let love lead To fill our heart with pure joy and bliss Let love lead Not... Continue Reading →


Rending my heart in sweet melodies Rendering it all to God, my King Rendering, for He is ever deserving Rendering, in utmost gratitude. Happy new month family, It's been a while on here and truth be told I have missed doing this and reading your feed backs on my page. Apologies for being MIA, I... Continue Reading →


All my life, I always thought that whatever happens to a person was as a result of something they did right or wrong, it was probably a reward for their actions. However, when it came to the issue of sexual abuse it was difficult to use that theory because I saw first hand what this... Continue Reading →

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